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Announcing the Roots Book Club [16 Jul 2010|09:50am]
Hey Douglas Coupland fans!
Roots Canada just launched their first ever Book Club.

In celebration of the Roots x DouglasCoupland Collection we are going to be reading Generation A as our first book.

We will also be giving away 8 copies of the book to those who sign-up to our book club before July 22. For those of you here that haven't read it yet, this is a great opportunity to join other Douglas Coupland fans and read it together. There will be giveaways, discussions and other fun stuff.

Just go here for more information: http://www.facebook.com/roots?v=app_4949752878&ref=ts

Or send us an email at digitalmarketing@roots.com if you have specific questions or want to sign-up!
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Doug's Collaboration with Roots Canada [23 Jun 2010|05:35pm]


In case you didn't see elsewhere on the net, the stuff Doug designed for Roots is now available online
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[23 Jun 2010|02:18pm]

The new iPhone has a feature called "FaceTime" -- for video chat!
So totally Doug's idea from Microserfs.
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A Big Donation [27 May 2010|07:38pm]

[ mood | busy ]

A Generation X pack rat forfeits his treasures.

Saw this on MetaFilter - Douglas Coupland didn't want to hoard his treasures anymore, so he gave them to the University of British Columbia.

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Doug on Public Radio [07 Dec 2009|09:46pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

Hello everyone!

Doug had a short interview on American Public Media's Marketplace last week. He talked about technology and Generation A. Here is a direct link to the interview. His segment starts at about 11 and a half minutes in.

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A big thank you from a happy translator [22 Aug 2009|09:47am]

Dear all,

remember my questions in this community a year ago? Well, my translation of Microserfs into Russian has finally been published!

Here it is, the orange-black-blue stack. In a Moscow bookshop.

Thank you all again for your kind help with all the cultural issues and small but very important details. The experience would have been much less enjoyable without you! And maybe the book would not have happened at all.

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Doug in the NYTimes [13 Aug 2009|09:55am]

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Artist creates "disembodied Doug head" [31 Jul 2009|01:56am]

[ mood | excited ]

Hey Doug fans--
FYI, Irish artist Alan Phelan http://www.alanphelan.com/
has created a work inspired by the "anti-Doug" in jPod called: 

Douglas (lacked the dimension of radical Evil), 2009, archival paper, toner,
EVA glue, cocktail sticks, 34 x 21 x 28 cms,
(papier-mâché made from pages in jPod 2006 novel where the character, Douglas Coupland appears in the story)

It's in a show at the IMMA in Dublin until Nov. 2009.  From the website:
>>The decapitated head of Douglas Coupland, the Canadian writer
famous for creating the term Generation X, is displayed on a basketball hoop stand;<<


Do check it out--I am off line until Aug. 5th, but if you want .jpegs of the work
to blog about it, contact me and I will get them to you when I get back: 


Best, Annie/NYC

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Still confusing love with need. [13 Jul 2009|01:41pm]

I just realized the phrase "liquid engineers" from the subconscious files in Microserfs is borrowed from the Gary Numan song "Metal" off the album The Pleasure Principle. (Gary Numan being favored of course by both Karla and Susan.)

lyrics followCollapse )
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Handbook of Highway Engineering [19 May 2009|09:05am]

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Generation A [17 Apr 2009|12:42am]

Just noticed the following on the coupland.com site:

The corresponding Amazon link is here:

I will be anxiously awaiting January 5, 2010!
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Twitter [08 Apr 2009|05:46pm]

For people not on Twitter, I've created a LJ feed of Douglas Coupland's tweets:
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? [30 Oct 2008|09:16am]

I just got an email from Amazon offering me 32% off of "Microserfs: A Novel (P.S.)" by Douglas Coupland.

Does anyone know anything about this or what the (P.S.) is?
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Everything but the squeal [02 Jul 2008|08:32am]

Now there's a funny one. Ethan rants about Bug's code.

"Jesus, Bug-what are you making here - hot dogs? You've put in everything including the snout . . . everything but the squeal."

Snout? Squeal? Does he mean the *dog* in hot-dog? Please help...
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Mum and Prayers [01 Jul 2008|08:35pm]

Can't get enough today :)

1. "Mom, did you buy drugs for Dad's IBM parties?"
It's fun teasing Mom. She smiled, "Oh, you know ... I clip news clippings."

I don't quite understand her answer. Do you? No connection to drugs at all!

2. Right there and then, Todd and his parents fell down on their knees and prayed on the Strip, and I wondered if they had scraped their knees in their fall, and I wondered what it was to pray, because it was something I have never learned to do, and all I remember is falling, something I have talked about, and something I was now doing.

Do you think it means he fell down on his knees and tried to pray, too?
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Seed plants [01 Jul 2008|08:20am]

Some more :)

1. We were really just there to schmooze and do PR, since our distribution's taken care of, and to approach people to develop Oop! starter modules. Standard stuff. We also did "seed plants" . . . who you give your hardware to prerelease is a high status issue.

"Did seed plants"? %) I've searched the Net, but nobody seems to use this term. Is it familiar to you?

2. Oh, to speak with the lost!

Is this maybe some kind of quotation from a movie? Again, the search yields nothing, but maybe you still have some associations?
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Alamo and Eggs [30 Jun 2008|10:19pm]

Two more small things (it's not over yet, but I'm pretty close :))

1. EA's parking lot was so odd-entirely composed of brand-new cars. I felt like I was in the lot at Alamo.

Is this somehow connected with Alamo Rent A Car? Why are the cars brand-new then?

2. Ethan asked me, "So, pal, how was life in the Egg Farm?" (referring to the chokingly full, cramped, and miserable realm of coach class)

Does an egg farm really associate with something cramped? Or there is another reason for this metaphor?
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Bug Dozer [30 Jun 2008|12:53pm]

Dear all,

What's a Bug Dozer? Some kind of toy, I guess. Right?

Susan bought some infamous "softer, less crumbly Play-Doh" as well as an obligatory Fun Factory, a Bug Dozer as well as a container of "Gak"-a water-based elastic goo-type play object endorsed by Nickelodeon and called by all of us, "the fourth state of matter."
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Reuben Kincaid [27 Jun 2008|04:56pm]

Dear all,

Why Reuben Kincaid goggles?

"I want to fly to the South Pole, first class, Saudi Airlines, with a sleeper seat, and Reuben Kincaid sleep goggles made of passenger pigeon breast feathers."

I wonder what this sitcom character has to do with sleep goggles :)
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@ in the next millennium [26 Jun 2008|02:53pm]

More :)

"@" could become the "Me" or "Mac" of the next millennium.

What "Me" and "Mac"? Either I am being very dim today, or the phrase is really vague :)

P.S. I don't know if this link has been mentioned in this community... I've just stumbled upon a great fan site about Coupland. Seems pretty old, but fun all the same. I love the "Coupland Moments" there.
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