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Still confusing love with need.

I just realized the phrase "liquid engineers" from the subconscious files in Microserfs is borrowed from the Gary Numan song "Metal" off the album The Pleasure Principle. (Gary Numan being favored of course by both Karla and Susan.)

We're in the building where they make us grow
And I'm frightened by the liquid engineers
Like you

My Mallory heart is sure to fail
I could crawl around the floor just like I'm real
Like you

The sound of metal I want to be you
I could learn to be a man
Like you

Plug me in and turn me on
Oh everything is moving

I need my treatment it's tomorrow they send me
Singing "I am an American"
Do you?

Picture this if they could make the change
I'd love to pull the wires from the wall
Did you?

And who are you and how can I try?
Here inside I like metal
On you

All I know is no one dies
I'm still confusing love with need
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