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Artist creates "disembodied Doug head"

Hey Doug fans--
FYI, Irish artist Alan Phelan
has created a work inspired by the "anti-Doug" in jPod called: 

Douglas (lacked the dimension of radical Evil), 2009, archival paper, toner,
EVA glue, cocktail sticks, 34 x 21 x 28 cms,
(papier-mâché made from pages in jPod 2006 novel where the character, Douglas Coupland appears in the story)

It's in a show at the IMMA in Dublin until Nov. 2009.  From the website:
>>The decapitated head of Douglas Coupland, the Canadian writer
famous for creating the term Generation X, is displayed on a basketball hoop stand;<<

Do check it out--I am off line until Aug. 5th, but if you want .jpegs of the work
to blog about it, contact me and I will get them to you when I get back:

Best, Annie/NYC
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